söndag 19 juni 2011

Nordens Ark & Smögen 19/6

Sleeping red panda

Snowy owl (max zoom)

Tomato frog

Little turtles

White stork

Baby storks (max zoom)

The wolf pack

Wolf pup (max zoom)

European wild cat (arrow shows the cat)

A close up on the obviusly very tired and bored wild cat (max zoom)


Close up on the wolverin above (max zoom)

Wolverine ball

Visable otters!!!

Close up on the otters (max zoom)

A tired amur leopard (max zoom)

The whole snow leopard family (the mom and her 3 or 4 1 year old kittens) (max zoom)

The amur tiger refused to lift her head... so this is her back! (max zoom)

A big pig! (breed name: Linderödssvin)


Harbour view

Adapting the houses to the rocks...

Marvelous view!

söndag 5 juni 2011

Testing the new camera - Panasonic Lumix FZ100

Here are some pictures taken with my new camera. Note that I'm still a virgin regarding photographing, so the pictures are still very basic and not so well composed/edited. I'm more for speed and action rather than high quality and precision ;)

I'm also sucker for macro pictures, so... but at least, here are some pics from the weekend stroll






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måndag 9 maj 2011

Easter weekend in Småland 18-23/4

Just two weeks after my last visit, I'm back at my parents place. This time for a few more days and to celebrate Easter as well!

Now the sheep's had really started to deliver! At the most I think we got 18 lambs during one day!!! We had a lot to do, just to keep track of who's whose and to help out with the births.

Here are some pictures and videos of the quite little ones:

Two siblings taking a power nap in the straw. Doesn't it look nice?!

The whole big family is taking a nap in the shadow.

But this one is having trouble finding a perfect spot for resting on a slippery belly... after some failed attempts, his mother got tired ot the "massage" and walked away. The lambs are often grouping together, climbing and jumping up and down on the sheeps laying down. Not making them selfs very popular ;)

And while the mothers are feeding, the lambs get together exploring the environment. They are all gathered by the water supply. Obviously there is something very interesting over there today...


Video of the lambs playing.

Besides all the work with these newly born lambs, I also took the time to plow the fields and fixing the fences so they can let the animals out asap.

But the first thing I had to do on my arrival was to fulfill my commitment to Frida. And that was to follow through with an old Swedish tradition, usually performed by kids on Moundy Thursday.

This is how you do this: You dress yourself up as a colorful hag with a broom and a coffee pot. Write greeting cards and then you walk around the neighbourhood and knock on the doors, handing out your home made greeting cards wishing them a Happy Easter. In return you usually get candy, money or some other kind of gifts.

As I said, this is usually done by kids. So the neighbours back home looked a little surprised (but amused) when I, +25 showed up, dressed like this! lol =)

And in pictures, this is how we did it:

First, the participants arrived...

The making of the cards...

And this is the whole troup gathered, prior to take off!

Success! More candy in the coffee pot for the happy Easter girl!

Ooops, I lot my focus. Some really nice spring flowers caught my attention!

And I just have to add this sweet picture of the fastest biker in Småland! This lovely little girl is my friends daughter Winnie!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

söndag 17 april 2011

Weekend in Småland 8-10/4

I went to visit my parents this weekend and since they have a lot of animals on the farm, there's always a lot of things to do! =)

First Frida and I went up to the barn to check out the newly born triplets.


Then we went back to the house, where my grandfather and father was cutting a lamb from last year, into little pieces... life and death on the same day
(note! It's not the same lamb as above ;) )

Then Frida and I helped my brother Bosse with the wood for his house. Already now preparing for the winter.

But since it was such a lovely weather, we took a walk with the dogs. Here I am, with my moms herding dog's Mette, Fanny and Myran (apparently they prefer profile pictures)

Close-up on Mette

and on here daughter Myran

All four dog's in the same picture, although Kinna is way back there...

My fathers dog Kinna is, believe it or not, a hunting dog. But she is also the only one I know who really knows how to relax... not taking any notice of the curious calves next to here...

A true bon vivant (who knows how to enjoy life!)

We saw a lot of sign of spring! Lovely! Finally!




And some sentimental pictures, on my old EPA that I went to school in when I was 17. I think you can judge by the pictures here, if I'm longing back to those old times or not... ;)